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  • Student
    €160 994.00
    Ile de France

    "Paris Leaseback Student housing"

  • Student
    €65 000.00

    "Residence étudiante à Dijon"

  • Tourism
    €109 395.00

    "Leaseback property sea view!"

  • Tourism
    €117 406.00

    "French Alps ski leaseback in Belle Plagn"

  • International
    €48 000 000.00

    "Luxury development in Belgium"

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Special Zoom on French Real Estate

This month special Zoom on why buying in France

France's reputation remains remarkably strong and unstained. French estate agents and developers are strictly regulated and buyers are well protected by the law. What's more, with its carefully controlled lending climate and the lack of 'boom and bust' trends within the property market, France has been less affected by the global recession than many of its neighbors.

Nowadays France is so easily accessible, making a holiday home an extremely practical and logical investment. Read more