About Us

France Invest Holding SASU is an official French real estate agency specifically offering support to foreign property buyers or investors. The company is based in Paris and connected with local partners to offer a wide property range all over France, along with a good knowledge of the city.
France Invest Holding SASU is working in strong partnership with local real estate agents selected for their capacity to work with international customers, their professionnalism, and seriousness. We will get from them only the latest products available on the market and keep you informed on a regular basis. The agency fee is included in the sale price and transactions with foreign buyers don't exceed the local market references. France Invest Holding SASU retribution is either a shared commission basis "inter-cabinet" with its partners, in this case the partner agency fee applies, or France Invest Holding SASU finds the product without the support of its partner and our Agency Fee applies.
For Off plan properties, the price is the same price as if you are dealing directly with developers, but you get the following services as additional support for free. :
  • Access to mortgage with French banks
  • Optimization of currency exchange
  • Support with legal and financial issues
  • Straight and transparent information on different properties/programs
Our Unique Value Add comes from the following:
As an authorised real estate agent with a strong network of partners, we have the power and authority to guarantee our buyers the authenticity of each product (comprehensive property check) and its ownership (title deed validation), A non-authorised company simply cannot guarantee this most important service.
We provide complete support in the language of our buyers (English) during the entire buying process. This means assisting our clients during property visits as well as interpretation of complex legal & financial documents before making any decision.
We depend upon 3 criteria for a successful search:
    • Listen to our customers requirements and be reactive
    • A good and on-going relationship with different real estate partners (institutional investors, notary offices,  estate agents, sale by auctions, property managers, ... )
    • Personal dedication and involvement in each search at no extra cost
Your satisfaction is our best advertisement! We will contribute on making your choice of investing in a French property, an easy and successful experience!
France Invest Holding SASU
Professional licence Real Estate holder n° T 14489.